Help with Internet Multiplayer Real-Time Games

WiFi and Internet Connections

Does your WiFi or internet connection have any of these issues?

•Your internet connection is sometimes interrupted when online

•Your WiFi speed seems fast on some days (or during certain hours) and slow on other days (or at times)

•Some websites load quickly sometimes and slowly at other times

Here are some tips that may help improve your WiFi or Internet connection:

•Other WiFi routers (for example, if your neighbours also have WiFi) or nearby equipment (for example, a TV) can affect your WiFi connection, speed or throughput

•Check your router's manual (or online information) for recommendations and settings on these topics: "reducing interference", "reducing collisions" and "improving reliability"

•Most WiFi routers use the same default "channel" for communication, so you may have better results by following your router's instructions to choose a specific "non-default" channel insteadSome websites load quickly sometimes and slowly at other times

My device's "Network Connection" shows "Connected, No Internet"

•Check the Date, Time and Time Zone on your device are set correctly

•Enable "Automatic date & time" in your device settings

Quick Match never finds any players

When you choose "Quick Match", the following "Local Split-Screen" settings are used to find other players:

•Level Name

•Game Type (Deathmatch, Survivor or Cooperative)

•Skill (Easy, Medium or Hard)

The following options are set automatically and are not affected by your "Local Split-Screen" settings:

Allow Health Yes
Allow Powerups Yes
Allow Armor Yes
Weapons Stay Yes
Infinite Ammo Yes
Items Reappear Yes
Randomize Items Yes
Reappear Forced No
Reappear Away Yes
Friendly Fire Yes (Deathmatch or Survivor) / No (Cooperative)
Fall Damage Yes
Allow Monsters Yes
Randomize Enemies Yes
Monster Hearing Yes
Time Limit None
Kill Limit None

Other issues (Amazon)

We have found it is best to wait for the “Game Circle” popup “toast” to appear before starting a network game.

Multiplayer games do NOT require you to be logged in to Game Circle.

If you have Game Circle enabled, it is best to let Amazon’s network traffic complete so it doesn’t interfere with Cyboid’s traffic.

This usually only takes a few seconds when you start Cyboid.

Sometimes there is more lag right when the game starts.

You’ll notice this on one (or more) devices as the objects (weapons, items, etc.) aren’t rotating smoothly.

Usually waiting a few seconds (five or ten) clears things up…

Often just playing and ignoring the lag is just as good and the game smooths out quickly.

If a network game has trouble connecting, it is best to leave/exit the “Waiting Room.”

Wait until the “Show Invitations” item no longer has “New!” beside it.

This means that the invitations are all cleared and you can try again.

Amazon Fire TV Ethernet Adapter:

We have found that the Amazon Fire TV Ethernet Adapter operates more slowly than a WiFi connection.

If you are having trouble with your network connection, try using WiFi instead of the Ethernet Adapter.