Help with Amazon Devices

Cyboid doesn't start, you see an error that Cyboid has stopped, or you see a green error screen.

Please check these things first:

•Cyboid was installed correctly from the Amazon App Store

•The date and time on your device are set correctly

•You may need to close other apps to free up more memory or resources

•Make sure you have the latest updates for your device and Cyboid

•Uninstall and reinstall Cyboid

•Try restarting your device

If those steps don't get Cyboid running for you, we're sorry and want to help!

Please send us an email with details about your device (model, etc.) and your purchase (receipt number, date/time, etc.)

If you see a green error screen when starting Cyboid, make sure you include the error number displayed in your EMail to us.

We'll respond as soon as possible so you can start playing Cyboid!