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Help with Virtual Reality Mode

Virtual Reality Mode

About VR Mode
How to enable (or disable) VR Mode
VR Mode graphics appear "double-imaged", overlapping, shifting or flickering?

About VR Mode

VR Mode uses a VR device (like the "Google Cardboard") to transform Cyboid gaming into a fully three dimensional world!

VR Mode "works" by calculating and drawing seperate images for the left and right eyes so when you look through a VR device, you see what your brain expects to see in 3D!

Note: VR Mode is only active in Single Player or Internet Multiplayer Real-Time games (not Local Split-Screen games)

VR Settings Menu

How to enable (or disable) VR Mode:
  • Start a Single Player game and then press or swipe "back" to display the in-game menu
  • Select "Extra Settings" and then "VR Settings"
  • Select "VR Mode" to enable Virtual Reality Mode
  • Attach your VR device and you should see a fully three dimensional image!
  • To disable Virtual Reality Mode, select "VR Mode" again

VR Mode graphics appear "double-imaged", overlapping, shifting or flickering?

VR Mode is designed to make Cyboid gaming appear as a fully three dimensional world, but if you're seeing "double-vision" instead, here's how to fix it:

The "Intraocular" setting specifies the amount of "left/right eye" adjustment and must be set correctly for your VR device!

First, check this list of popular VR devices to see if there's an "Intraocular" setting you can use:

VR device(s) Intraocular setting
Default 0.50
Google Cardboard 2.0 0.50
Google Cardboard 2.0 with Pixel/Pixel XL 0.30

Next, change the "Intraocular" setting to match your VR device:
  • If you're using a game controller, select the "Intraocular" setting and then press left or right
  • If you're using a touch device, swipe left or right over the "Intraocular" setting
  • Each press (or swipe) left decreases the "Intarocular" setting, pressing or swiping right increases the setting
  • Use your VR device to check if the image appears fully three dimensional without double-vision, flickering, etc.
Repeat those steps until you find the best setting for your VR device

Bonus!  If your VR device isn't listed above and you find a great "Intraocular" setting, send us an Email to support@randrdigital.com with the details (make/model/brand/type of your VR device and your "Intraocular" setting) so we can add it to the list … and as a "thank you!", we'll send you a Google Play Promotional code for a Cyboid In-App Item!