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WiFi and Internet

WiFi and Internet Connections

My device's "Network Connection" shows "Connected, No Internet"

Matches and other Players

Quick Match never finds any players

How do I add my friends so they appear in the "Google Play Players" list?

Other issues

Other issues

WiFi and Internet Connections

Does your WiFi or internet connection have any of these issues?
  • Your internet connection is sometimes interrupted when online
  • Your WiFi speed seems fast on some days (or during certain hours) and slow on other days (or at times)
  • Some websites load quickly sometimes and slowly at other times
Here are some tips that may help improve your WiFi or Internet connection:
  • Other WiFi routers (for example, if your neighbours also have WiFi) or nearby equipment (for example, a TV) can affect your WiFi connection, speed or throughput
  • Check your router's manual (or online information) for recommendations and settings on these topics: "reducing interference", "reducing collisions" and "improving reliability"
  • Most WiFi routers use the same default "channel" for communication, so you may have better results by following your router's instructions to choose a specific "non-default" channel instead

My device's "Network Connection" shows "Connected, No Internet"
  • Check the Date, Time and Time Zone on your device are set correctly
  • Enable "Automatic date & time" in your device settings

Quick Match never finds any players

When you choose "Quick Match", the following "Local Split-Screen" settings are used to find other players:
  • Level Name
  • Game Type (Deathmatch, Survivor or Cooperative)
  • Skill (Easy, Medium or Hard)

The following options are set automatically and are not affected by your "Local Split-Screen" settings:

Allow HealthYes
Allow PowerupsYes
Allow ArmorYes
Weapons StayYes
Infinite AmmoYes
Items ReappearYes
Randomize ItemsYes

Reappear ForcedNo
Reappear AwayYes
Friendly FireYes (Deathmatch or Survivor)
No (Cooperative)
Fall DamageYes

Allow MonstersYes
Randomize Enemies  Yes

Time LimitNone
Kill LimitNone

How do I add friends to my "Google Play Players" list?

Inviting someone or accepting an invitation automatically adds that person to your "Google Play Players" list

Other issues

After choosing "Invite Players" and then clicking the "add player" button, no gamers are listed?
Your "Invite Players" game stays in the "Waiting room" if you add an "Auto-Match" player?
Gamer profiles are not displaying the correct profile images?

Here are some things to try:
  • Make sure the "Contacts" App permissions are enabled in your device settings
  • In the device settings, go to the "Accounts" section, click your "Google" account then click "Sync Now"
In the device settings, click the "Apps" icon and try the following steps for each of the "Google Play Games", "Google Play Services" and "Google Play Store" apps:
  • Scroll through the apps to find the "Google Play Games" app icon
  • Click the app icon to display a list of options for that app
  • Scroll to the "Permissions" button and click it to display the app's permissions
  • Make sure all permissions for the app are enabled
  • Click back to return to the list of app options
  • Scroll to the "Force stop" option, click "Force stop" and then click "Ok"
  • Click back to return to the list of apps
Repeat those same steps for the "Google Play Services" and "Google Play Store" apps and then restart your device