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Development News

April 9, 2019

"Here's a list of the changes, improvements and updates in the next release:
  • The "Touch Layout" is now configurable:
    The "Move" and "Inventory" areas can now be moved and resized.
    There are two "Shoot" areas and the "Turn" area can be resized.
    The "Look" area is now active everywhere else on the screen.

  • Added Touch Layout Overlay Options

  • Support for all Amazon devices in single combined app!

  • Updated level loading screen (thanks, Pip!)

  • Graphics improvements and enhancements

  • Performance improvements

  • Bug fixes

The new “Touch Layout” menu (shown below) is used to easily change the “touch areas”
Input Touch Layout

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Upcoming versions of Cyboid

Hardware device(s) Next version
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Cube
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV Edition
Amazon Fire Tablets
Android TV
Android SetTop Boxes
Android Tablets
Android Phones

Beta Testing

Contact us if you have an Android Tablet, Phone, TV or SetTop box or an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, or Fire Tablet and you enjoy playing fast-action high-speed 3D games (especially if you always seem to find bugs and issues in software!)

You'll get Cyboid and various add-ons for free! … well, almost free … you'll have to play the game and let us know about any bugs, issues or suggestions you have for improving Cyboid!

Older Development News

March 24, 2019

More updates coming soon…